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Starting a New Role?

Are you about to start a new role? The key to success is preparation, here are some things to consider to ensure you are successful.

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Perfect first day

Perfect first day

Do you remember your first day at your organisation?  Did it go like this?  You arrive early, you already have your uniform, or you have the right style of clothing for the office (because you got some advice from you assigned buddy on the dress code), your desk and...

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Turn the Ship Around

I found it a great how-to guide for leaders who aspire to listen well, empower their teams and to build a coalition of engaged and high performing team members.

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Compassion and Leadership

One of my favourite Podcast is the ABC’s  All in the Mind.  This week whilst out walking, I struck gold with Leadership in Mind if you can spare 30 mins it is well worth a listen.  https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/all-in-the-mind-abc-rn/id73330911?mt=2 The episode...

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Great Leadership Reads

Well after many years of talking about it I am finally writing my first blog.  And I wanted to share with you some of my absolute favourite reads on Leadership, Culture, Motivation and how individuals can really make a difference regardless of their role in the Organisation.  Many of these I read when I worked in small teams, and I still reflect on these books many years down the track.

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Hon Doctorate

University of Adelaide Hon Doctorate Award Ceremony

Photo: BHP


MBA, BSc (Extractive Metallurgy)

DAdel (Honoris Causa), GAICD

Adelaide, South Australia



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